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    Hello Debt Advice Forum,

    I entered a trust deed about 2 years ago but i think i was wrongly entered into it now. After speaking with friends and family i realise i should have entered bankrutpcy.

    I don’t work and wasn’t working when i entered the trust deed so had no way to make the monthly contributions. I also don’t own anything of value like a house or car.

    Is there a way i can get out the trust deed so i can enter bankruptcy?


    Hi JaniceH, Welcome to Debt Advice Forum.

    It does sound like the trust deed wasn’t the best debt solution for you based on the information we have. 7

    Your first step would be to go through the complaints procedure with the insolvency company who manage your trust deed.

    If you’re unsatisfied with their answer you can complain to the Accountant in Bankruptcy and/or the Financial Ombudsman.

    Outline exactly why you feel the protected trust deed was the wrong advice and what you feel the solution should have been.


    Your situation sounds concerning and I would like to help you.
    I am a debt expert advisor; you can call me at my office – 01392 911000 and we can discuss this through and hopefully help your situation.


    Alternatively, if you would prefer to email me, at Debt Consultancy Service, you can by visiting http://www.debtconsultancyservice.co.uk and going to the contact us section or by direct email: Charles@debtconsultancyservice.co.uk.


    Looking forward to helping you,




    Debt Expert Advisor


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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