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    Hi, I’ve got a gambling problem and have got into debt.

    i pay half the bills every month including some rent.

    My wife owns the house, she was given a deposit by her parents and has been paying overpayments. She doesn’t know about my debt. If I tell her she will leave me. If I go bankrupt will they have a charge in te house? we have been living there for around 4 years.




    Hi Bobbob,

    Debt is something which is personal, this means only the person with the debt can be held responsible to repay it.

    Although to be completely sure, is there any equity in the property and if so how much, also is this the first property with your wife?

    I would suggest getting advice for your gambling problem first as a debt solution wouldn’t solve the root cause of your problem.

    I hope this answer helped.



    This is really an hard problem , and i agree that you should get some advice firs for your gambling problem cause you will surely end up again having this kind of problem after you solve this one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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