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    I’m unsure whether i should have posted this here or in the bankruptcy section but here goes.

    I received ppi compensation 6 months before declaring myself bankrupt and never mentioned when i entered bankruptcy because i hadn’t got the money. I was told i would  but there was some paper work issues and so i never thought much about it. The amount i received was only £2,000 and i was entered bankrupt for £40,000 after my business collapsed.

    I received a letter today from the company who are dealing with my bankruptcy to say i had to pay the £2,000 but i don’t have it any more. Can they really make me pay this since i didn’t have it when i entered the bankruptcy.


    Hi Simmy28,

    I have moved your post to the bankruptcy forum but the mistake was understandable.

    They can and should be requesting any money from you which is received while in the bankruptcy.

    The official receiver does have to claim back as much money for the creditors as possible and that would include any assets or PPI you receive while in bankruptcy.

    You could ask to pay the £2,000 over a period of time or come to an arrange which is suitable.



    I should add though i have been out of bankruptcy for 1 year and they didn’t mention it until after it finished. Would this matter?


    In bankruptcy the official receiver can go back and request anything you received while in the bankruptcy is repaid.

    Unfortunately there is no way around it and the only solution would be to try and negotiate a repayment option with them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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