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    My son has the same name as myself and until 3 months ago he was staying with me and had ran up some £5,000 of debt

    I tried to get a mobile phone contract recently and was rejected, is his poor credit rating affecting me or is my property blacklisted?


    Hi Mr Lawson,

    Both debt and credit ratings are very personal so even though your son has the same name and lived at the same property it won’t be affecting you.

    If you believe you shouldn’t have been refused the phone contract it might be a good idea to check your credit rating to see if there is any defaults you might not know about it.



    Thanks but wouldn’t even know where to begin checking my credit rating is there a website or someone i should call.


    There are a few different websites you can use to check your credit rating, we usually advise people to sign up for a free one month trial with Experian.com



    I signed up with Experian as you advised but there seems to be strange things showing on my credit file. It says i had a 12k debt with Barclays but i have never had a loan with the bank.

    Could this be an error on the part of Experian or is it something more serious?


    Hi Mr Lawson,

    It could be either of the two reasons you suggested but you’ll probably need to speak with Experian about it and if that doesn’t work then call Barclays.

    Let us know your outcome and hopefully we can help you.


    Rodger Mccann

    I used Experian when i got refused credit and it turned out i had a few debts i forgot about. They did have 1 debt wrong though because it didn’t show as being paid, i wrote to them and got it updated.



    Thanks everyone for the advice,

    I wrote to Experian as suggested and they said as far as they were concerned the information was correct and i should speak to Barclays. After a lot of discussions with Barclays it would appear i have been the victim of fraud which i have reported. They are investigating it at the moment and hopefully they find out who it was.


    Hi PLawson,

    I’m sorry to hear about the fraud but i am glad you are getting some answers about the problem with your credit rating.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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