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    Rodger Mccann


    After a lot of reading i believe i am suitable for a debt arrangement scheme solution, however i don’t know who to speak to about starting a DAS


    Hi Rodger,

    Just so we are completely sure it’s the right solution could you confirm the following,

    1. How much is your debt
    2. Which country do you live in
    3. How much can you repay each month

    Thank you


    Rodger Mccann

    I have £6,000 debt, i live in Scotland and i can pay £300 each month although i might be able to stretch to £400.


    It does sound like a debt arrangement scheme would be the best solution for yourself but don’t agree to pay £400 if it could be a struggle.

    Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will have a local money adviser who will be able to start the process for you.

    Alternately you can visit the DAS Scotland website and search for a local money advisor.


    Rodger Mccann

    Thanks for the advice.

    To be honest i think your right i’ll probably just pay the £300 instead of over stretching myself. Is it true interest and charges will be frozen?


    Yes your interest and charges will be frozen, it’s probably the greatest benefit of doing to DAS over a debt management plan, but it will impact you credit rating.



    you might be able to speak to them and get a better solution for you credit rating

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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