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    Awarded with a CCJ on the 12th June with a company, I paid the full amount within 30 days.

    Within this time I had another company ringing me and emailing me saying they now own the debt and I need to pay them.

    I rang the court who advised to pay the person named as the claimant, which I did.

    However this other company is still emailing me, ringing me, calling my workplace. And have now applied for a attachment of earnings for the full amount plus £110 of charges on top.

    How can they do this? I have told them time after time this debt has been paid in full.

    I’m so embarrassed with the phone calls to work to start off with and frankly quite upset with this al because I thought it was sorted.

    Can they do this?

    I have to reply to this form as it says it’s they will automatically give judgment to the claimant.

    Can someone help with what steps I need to take?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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