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    We have rules at the Debt Advice Forum. These rules are there to protect all our users and keep everyone safe. Failure to adhere to these rules would result in automatic removal. Hopefully you’ll agree the rules are sensible for everybody.

    1. Play nice. You may not always agree with another person’s view however you should respect their opinion. Your posts should not be rude, sexist, racist or generally offensive to any other person. For the avoidance of doubt, using stars to disguise part of an offensive word or phrase is not permitted either.

    2. Opinions. On the forum we wish for everybody to voice their true opinions, however we must take care to ensure all information on our forum is accurate. As a result, any post which uses opinion must also include facts to support your opinion.

    3. Promotion. Anybody thought to be promoting a product or service which is not authorised on Debt Advice Forum will be removed and could face a ban. We do not endorse products such as payday loans on Debt Advice Forum.

    4. Content. We do not allow content to be taken offsite or communication to move to an inbox. Many people may be having the same problem and the forum is there to help everybody, so if a conversation starts on the forum please keep it there and not detoured towards the private message box.

    5. Linking. If you link to any information, product or service we believe to be offensive or harmful to other users we will remove and ban you immediately.

    6. Views of others. Information which is posted inaccurately by other members of the forum will be monitored however we take no responsibility for the thoughts of these members. We will remove content which is inaccurate or misleading. You should not take financial advice based on members of the forum, only experts.

    Debt and money advice experts on the forum are selected by the management committee based on a number of factors. To become an expert we will have identified a person or company in the industry that is knowledgeable on a subject and that we feel can add value for the benefit of forum members. If you would like to become a forum expert, please email contact@debtadviceforum.com


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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