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    A friend of mine has asked me to help her in writing her research paper, leaving me completely clueless and shocked. All my academic life, I have been a really bright students and always get straight A’s in all the subjects. People call me nerd and I am the smartest one among my friends. I am in my second last year of college and my friend is my senior who is starting to write her thesis. We both are doing bachelors in the subject of mathematics. Writing has never been my area of interest, because of that I am unaware about the legal things included in the process. After spending hours on researching how to write research paper, I reach to a conclusion that it is not easy as I thought it to be. But there are many things involved like plagiarism that we are supposed to avoid. I read somewhere that plagiarism is a crime and often research paper gets cancelled because of undocumented use of someone else’s research in your work. I have searched the internet for this problem and came across this ama generator which would help me cite my thesis. After reading this, I am very confused and so many questions has aroused in my mind about how researchers write their own papers? Even when you are doing a thorough research, you are unintentionally taking someone else’s idea in your work, in that way you are plagiarizing someone else’s work. This is very confusing for me and I can’t say No to my friend since I am the only person in her friends she can count on. I need to know if researchers write all their research by themselves without taking ideas from others work and how they do it so well that they cannot be caught.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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