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    I’ve had a bit a lucky win on a scratch card but do i need to tell the company running my Trust Deed about it? If so will i need to pay any of it into the trust deed and how much?


    Hi Kenneth,

    Any additional money you receive while in the trust deed must be included until the full debt plus any fees are repaid.

    If the amount you won only covers a portion of the outstanding debt then the full amount will need to be included.



    Shaun Connelly

    Kenneth, i had a similar issue with my trust deed because i done overtime for a 3 months but the IP only took 50% of it.

    DAF, should  have paid the full amount of my overtime into the trust deed or could they do the same for Kenneth?


    Hi Shaun,

    Overtime is treated differently from winnings. While the full amount of winning must be included until the debts and fees are paid, only 50% of overtime pay will be taken.

    I can’t say exactly why this is the case but it may be about making it worthwhile for people to do overtime on an ongoing basis.


    Shaun Connelly

    Ah ok i guess that explains it, thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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