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    I have a ccj for £14700 that goes back to 2006, i have paid this at the rate of £100 per month and the outstanding balance on the ccj is now £4000. My debtor paragon shows my debt as being over £12500 as they have added charges and interest to my account during the repayment period despite the ccj not being interest bearing.

    The debt was from a failed relationship and my life has changed now, i am once again succesful, debt free and in a position to clear the £4000 outstanding amount, i wrote to my debtor asking if i cleared the ccj would that be the end of the matter their response was very ambigious only saying that i was liable for the £4000 against the ccj only, yet every letter and statement shows £12500 being due or in arrears despite my requests for them to show how i am liable for the extra charges and if not, to send me an account statement just showing the £4000.00 How can i find out or force the issue on them proving or showing their right to make me liable for this extra debt.

    I am a responsible person who meets their obligations but the above scenario just makes me feel like saying stuff you and not paying, any help or advice would be gratefully received

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