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    I’m in debt with my council tax along with many other credit card and payday loan companies. They all accept £5 a month from me because i’m unemployed but the debt collectors the council have instructed are refusing to negotiate a payment plan.

    They just demand i repay the full debt and threat to have me declared bankrupt, but surely they can’t just bankrupt me for £879.54?



    Hi LynnH122,

    Any creditor can apply to have someone declared bankrupt if they are willing to pay the court fees, however in this case it seems like a threat.

    Often collection agents will be trained to refuse the first offer unless it’s a full payment but eventually they will start to negotiate.

    The best thing you can do is continue to make the regular payments you would like them to accept as an agreement.

    So if you want to pay them £5 a month then just call them and offer the payment, even if they refuse an payment plan just keep making the payment. We often find once they see the payments are being made and you’re not going to pay the full amount they change.



    Thanks that’s such a weight off my mind it never occurred to me they could just be threatening me.

    I’ll start making payments to them on a regular basis until i’m back in employment.


    You’re welcome,

    I should also say once you’re back in employment it’s probably a good idea to call us on 0800 085 0226 to asses the best debt solution.

    Also if you don’t manage to get back into employment within the next 3 months and debts are getting worse then call us to deal with it.


    Hi Lynn,
    Your situation sounds concerning and I would like to help you.
    I am a debt expert advisor; you can call me at my office – 01392 911000 and we can discuss this through and hopefully help your situation.


    Alternatively, if you would prefer to email me, at Debt Consultancy Service, you can by visiting http://www.debtconsultancyservice.co.uk and going to the contact us section or by direct email: Charles@debtconsultancyservice.co.uk.


    Looking forward to helping you,




    Debt Expert Advisor


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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