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    Can a bailiff break into my property?


    Hi JackTheLad,

    It depends on the circumstances, for example have they been granted entry previously, have they been given a court order, etc.

    Who do you owe, how much and have they visited previously?





    I owe £359,67 for council tax and no i’ve never let them in the property but they have visited. I have buried my head in the sand so i’ve not wanted to speak to them about my debt.


    The first step would be to speak with the bailiffs over the phone and come to an arrangement to repay the debt. You only have to make an arrangement to pay an affordable amount but it will stop any further action.

    In your case, the bailiffs can’t force entry unless they’ve been granted entry previously or get permission from the court.

    If you speak to them and they don’t accept the first offer of repayment then make them aware this is all you can offer. It’s also a good idea to make the payment you would like to set a monthly arrangement for as this shows willingness to pay. Often Bailiffs will refuse the first few offers from a debtor before agreeing to it.



    Ok but i can only pay them about £5 a month because i’m unemployed, which will take me forever to repay.


    They will probably want to review the plan in 3-6 months to asses if you’re back in employment, in which case they will want the payments to increase. Once you’re back in work you can begin paying more towards the debt. This is gives you time to get back into employment and not have any further action taken.



    Ok i’ll call them and set an arrangement for £5 a month until i’m back working

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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