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Debt Advice Forum is managed by Debt Support Trust, a registered debt advice charity. Along with other experts, the Debt Advice Forum is here to provide help on a wide range of debt and money advice.

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FAQ: Debt Advice Questions

People who are in debt and searching for a solution will frequently ask similar debt advice questions. We've listed some of the most frequent questions and answered these too. Every person in debt will have a unique situation so the…

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Payday Loans

Payday loan companies have come under a lot of pressure over the last couple of years because of their ability to get people into debt using high interest and fees. Although new rules have been brought in by the FCA…

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If someone continues to ignore a debt, fails to keep up with a payment plan or simply forgets about a debt, they may find a creditor will instruct bailiffs to collect the debt. A bailiffs job is to collect the…

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Debt Advice

There's no benefit to suffering with debt in silence. The problem doesn't go away. Instead, the more to think about the issue, the greater the problem becomes. A financial burden shared with somebody else can lead to the answer, especially…

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Getting Trust Deed Advice

A protected trust deed can be a great debt solution when it's entered by people who it was designed to help the most. It can help people avoid bankruptcy, repay only a percentage of their debt and be debt free…

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Protected Trust Deed

A Protected Trust Deed is a Scottish debt solution for people who can't afford to meet their monthly contractual obligations to their debt. What is a Trust Deed? The trust deed option is only suitable for a small percentage of…

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There's are three types of sequestration in Scotland, but only really two for people wishing to make themselves insolvent. The other version is mainly used by creditors wishing to make a debtor bankrupt in Scotland. The two types of sequestration…

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Getting IVA Advice

We are constantly bombard by adverts from debt advice companies offering to "write off debt" using solutions such as an IVA, but where should you get IVA advice. An IVA should never be sold as a route to writing of…

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The IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a popular debt solution, suitable to people with debt over £12,000. It's important to be given accurate advice on an IVA because it can impact on equity within assets, such as a house. It's…

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